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EMTP Curriculum

More information coming soon. Register for our free information session to learn more.


The program will meet or exceed the requirements and guidelines of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (OPAB) for licensure to provider psilocybin services. It will include in-person training (on retreat), live online, and some prerecorded material.


Guidelines for the practicum hours are still unclear. However, at least 40 hours of practicum hours will be provided using ketamine-assisted therapy for experiential work. More information coming soon.

Core Training

Up to 40% of the required 120 hours of training may be waived for prior experience, however, criteria for that experience has not yet been defined by OPAB. Our program will consist of primary training taken by everyone in the cohort, and elective modules from a variety of traditions.

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