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Entheogenic Medicine Training Program

At Synaptic we offer module-based training in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, as it is commonly called, but we prefer the term entheogenic medicine. Our program will make graduates eligible for licensure to provide psilocybin services in accordance with Oregon’s Psilocybin Services Act. In partnership with AIMS Institute in Seattle, we will also be offering complimentary training in ketamine and ayahuasca.


Program Overview

Naturopathic Preceptorship

Naturopathic students seeking preceptor hours are encouraged to get on the waitlist early for this opportunity.

Therapist Internships and Supervision

For psychotherapy students or graduates seeking internship or supervision toward licensure, we have a number of experienced clinicians in our network whom you can be matched with for training in this work.

Public Offerings

We encourage the general public to check out the offerings of the Portland Psychedelic Society. In the future, we will likely offer both psychedelic harm-reduction and integration classes as well as mental health and wellness webinars and live workshops.

Journal Club

A biweekly meeting is held online wherein participants read and present peer-reviewed literature on topics relevant to psychedelics including neuroscience, ethics, harm reduction, psychotherapy forms, and more. Meetings are one hour long and usually feature plenty of time for discussion. Donations are accepted by not required. Professionals interested in joining should send an e-mail to

Consultation and Integration Group

A monthly group that meets online, facilitated by an experienced clinician. Members of the group will share cases and experiences in order to get feedback on their personal and professional development. Details to come soon.


Will include self-paced reading, online tutorials, quizzes, live classes, and experiential components. See the Curriculum page for more detail.

Training Program Overview
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