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Our Values

We are an integrative mental health clinic that believes healing experiences are the best medicines.

Equity and Inclusion

At Synaptic we recognize that none of us are truly free until all of us are free. It is our earnest hope to create a healing environment that is inviting to all, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, or lifestyle. We do our best to practice non-discrimination and cultural competency.


Where we fall short, we welcome accountability. Learning to recognize our privilege and leverage it for the good of all is a difficult process. We welcome the challenge and would be honored to have you as our teachers.

To better understand our values please read the Equity and Inclusion Statement from Chacruna.

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The North Star Ethics pledge is a commitment to a set of principles for individuals working professionally in the field of psychedelics.


Start within.

We pledge to ground our work in the field with work on ourselves, and to treat personal growth as a lifelong process.

Study the traditions.

We pledge to grow our knowledge of the history of psychedelics and their many traditions of use, in a good-faith effort to appreciate both the potential of these substances and the conflict and complexity surrounding them.

Build trust.

We pledge to invest in building trust in our relationships across the psychedelic field, and repair trust where possible.

Consider the gravity.

We pledge to consider the implications of the choices that we make, understanding the potential consequences of unethical behavior to individuals, communities, and the psychedelic field at large.

Focus on the process.

We pledge to make the process as important as the outcome, letting the future we hope to see guide the approach we take in getting there.


Create equality and justice.

We pledge to actively take steps to make the world more equitable and just.

Pay it forward.

We commit to the practice of upholding the principles of this pledge, sharing the values in it with others, and doing our part to help build integrity and ethics into the heart of the emerging psychedelic field.

These principles guide us in life and business to better encourage collaboration in the pursuit of healing and self-actualization. We must all do our part to protect against exploitation and competition within the business of psychedelic treatment.

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